Why is a serviced apartment good for business travels

Why is a serviced apartment good for business travels: the demand for serviced apartments for business travels is rising steeply. With the passage of time, more and more companies are releasing the abundance of benefits that service apartments offer. The old standard of staying at hotels for an extended period of time is fast declining with the popularity of serviced apartments.

If your company is looking for apartment accommodation in London, then you must be well versed with the advantages which serviced apartments have over hotels, guest houses and lodges. Here is a list of reasons why your company should switch to a serviced hotel for the next business trip.

Service apartments have more space: serviced apartments offer more space than average hotel rooms. You get access to fully furnished and fully equipped rooms. To top that, you will also have access to a private kitchen where you can cook your own meals without having to share it with other guests.

Serviced apartments are more economical: Staying in hotels over an extended period of time can be a tad heavy on the pocket. If you are looking for an option that provides a luxurious lifestyle at affordable rates, then this is the best choice. Besides that, if you are in the season, you might get your hands on discounts and offers that can lower the accommodation expense.

Serviced apartments provide a personalized experience with privacy and safety: When on a business trip, you need your own space and privacy for maintaining a stable work flow. A hotel stay cannot provide the privacy and space you require for working. Serviced apartments offer a homely and personalised experience. This can boost your performance and develop healthier relationship with your colleagues. Moreover, you can use the living room for private conferences and save up by not renting a conference room.

Serviced accommodation provides customized solutions and flexibility: Serviced apartments greatly differ from hotels in this aspect. In a serviced housing, the ever-changing needs of travelers, business officials and families can be met with perfection. On the other hand, in a hotel you are entitled to the services the hotel provides. Customized solutions may not available.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, serviced apartments have a host of other benefits like availability in desirable neighbourhood and global services. This new housing trend is gaining popularity swiftly as more and more consumers are becoming aware of its importance.